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Pisces Love Horoscope 12222

You will understand your own limitations but also be optimistic. Spiritual wisdom brings patience and self-discipline to sacrifice short-term gratification for long-term success. May 20 to October 24 — Jupiter square your decan gives the push you need to make some great progress in life.

12222 Horoscope

You will feel the urge to expand your horizons, try new things, have more fun and make more money. But avoid being too optimistic, greedy, over-confident, excessive or wasteful. October 9 to 20 — Mercury trine your decan brings good news and pleasant conversation. This is a good time for serious negotiations and for making long-range plans because of common sense and practicality.

Overall Luck:

Acute mental skills are matched by open and honest communications. October 14 to 17 — Mercury trine Neptune on the 15th enhances your creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and spirituality.

Your communication skills benefit from a non-threatening, caring and soft influence. People will want to listen to you, especially in person because of a sensual type of attractiveness. October 15 to 25 — Venus trine your decan brings love, kindness, affection, gifts and compliments. October 18 to 22 — Venus sextile Saturn on the 20th brings an increased need for companionship. This is the right time to seek reassurance or more commitment from your partner.

Pisces 12222 horoscope

Any new romance would be serious and true love, and there may be a marked age difference. Pisces horoscope October is based on planetary transits to Pisces Decan 2, not to houses, zones or sectors. All year — Pluto sextile your decan brings opportunities to increase your personal power and ability to reform your life for the better. Relationships will feel more intense but in a good way. You should find deeper meaning in all areas of life which will stay with you.

Pisces Health & Wellness Horoscope

Fresh every day, horoscopes for all the signs. Today's topic: your monthly horoscope for August So what does your social network say about you? For now, this might mean dealing with emotional baggage and finding a way to let it go. Enjoy living on the go?

Hidden talents will emerge to help your personal and professional advancement. September 16 to October 5 — Mars opposite your decan brings resistance from others if you are too selfish or assertive. It may feel like others are standing in your way or opposing your will so choose your battles carefully. A compromise or tactical retreat might be best.

Exercise and hard work can relieve tension but avoid overexertion and risk-taking. October 6 to November 30 — Jupiter square your decan gives the push you need to make some great progress in life. You will feel the urge to have more fun and make more money. Because of Jupiter retrograde, you had this growth spurt earlier this year from February 8 to June October 18 to November 11 — Mercury trine your decan brings good news and pleasant conversation.

October 18 to 21 — Mercury sextile Pluto on the 19th brings deep and intense thinking and conversations. Pisces Yearly Predictions. Daily Horoscope Tuesday, Oct 8, Quick Love Guidelines. Money Career Guideline.

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Important transits of 12222 which can affect your Career

and more. Decans give your Pisces monthly horoscope a more personal touch. Pisces Decan 1 born February 19 to Pisces Decan 2. Oct 1, Pisces Weekly Horoscope Until November 19, the red planet will activate potent powers: money magnetism, sexual allure.

Guidelines for the Website. Welcome to our Blog. Other articles related to astrology. A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a cer Give some time to your relations and meanwhile use your energy for your good. Misunderstandings may crop up in your relationship today.

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You have probably acted out of good intentions, but you failed to take into account all the implications of your actions for others involved. The result is that your pure motives will be viewed rather differently by your partner. You are going to need a lot of patience to sort out this situation.

Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator. Today you find yourself with a superhero power. Your pending assignments and projects will show signs of completion. You may have a get together with your close ones.