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Therapists No on second thoughts, make that two. Is that okay with you? A2: Why change the bulb? Isn't it more romantic in the dark? A3: Well gee, I don't know really. I guess it depends on the bulb and where it burned out. It might perhaps take just one if it's just an ordinary bulb, but maybe two if the person doesn't know where to find a new light bulb, or perhaps How many Scorpios does it take to change a lightbulb? A1: None they'd rather sit in the dark.

A2: So who wants to know? Are you a cop? How many Sagittarians does it take to change a lightbulb? A1: Look, ask me when I get back from India, okay? A2: The sun is shining, the day is young, we've got our whole lives ahead of us, and you're inside worrying about a stupid burned out light bulb? A3: A whole bunch: I can only keep them in the room long enough for them to give the bulb a quarter turn apiece.

How many Capricorns does it take to change a lightbulb? A1: None. Capricorns can't afford new lightbulbs unless they're a legitimate business expense. A2: I don't waste my time with these childish jokes. A3: None: Why should I bother? It's probably just going to burn out again tomorrow anyway.

How many Aquarians does it take to change a lightbulb?

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A1: Well, you have to remember that everything is energy so A2: A hundred, but they'll all be competing to be the one to change the bulb and bring light to the world. A3: Like, why don't you just get out of my face and stop asking me to do all your work for you? I'm, like, really totally sick and tired of you asking me questions. How many Pisceans does it take to change a lightbulb? A1: Lightbulb?

What lightbulb? A2: Huh? The light's out? A3: None: only the inner light matters. And of course: how many astrologers does it take to change a lightbulb? Don't ask me now, Mercury is retrograde. Hey Bella! Are Aquarians supposed to be confrontational????? I don't get it!!! Honestly, I'm not an expert on Aquarians, but in my experience it is an attitude and manner of speaking they sometimes have. No, I am not confrontational at all; I am more of a negotiater.

I am Feb 4 born, and I love to answer questions. The teacher in me I guess! I believe in the creative beauty inside everyone. It is almost like your genius where the essence of your originality can be seen in your inspired pursuits. That little light of your can shine. I know your light shows in your chart and can be brought forward by a reading. Heck, your creative light is the first thing I look for when I cast your chart. So come along and share my journey and help me out in the process by becoming a Sun tier patron and see my process. I will always be the one beavering away in the background to present my best face for you.

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But if you have an interest in how I got there and where things come from follow along on Patreon. I believe that all women are creative. Each and every one of us has something to offer and it can be big or small. I find that if you bring your talents forward and make time for interesting things it establishes a balance in your life between what has to be done and what you like doing. It is the action of creating that makes the process satisfying.

We all have responsibilities such as having to work for someone else, commuting, launching our kids into the world and maintaining a social life and meaningful personal relationship. If you tap into your creativity it can mitigate many of the mundane details of life. They have already brought up their children and made a home for their family. At this point in their lives they want something more. After the efforts they have put out for years that are now not needed, they have a good look at their life.

The kids have gone their partner now may, or may not, measure up and an uneasy feeling of dissatisfaction has crept in. Other women relish their newfound freedom and seek ways to make the most of the next phase of life. Either way women want a new direction, purpose and meaning for their life. This is where an astrology consultation can help.

Astrology is the study of the influence that the stars and planets have on life on Earth. Thousands of years of analysis have shown that particular traits are inherent in each zodiac sign. A professional astrologer can cast your unique birth chart and provide you with a life map for your journey.

Your natal chart is original and contains many combinations of planetary energies all flowing at the same time in different directions. It is the skill of the astrologer to sort through the themes shown in your chart and present a clear picture for you. I look at all the planets including your Sun and Moon signs and find the message in your chart. It is different for each one of you. Some will call it your soul purpose, others your life path. Whichever words you choose to use your birth chart shows all the potentials, urges and opportunities that you have and that need to be satisfied in this lifetime.

We cannot all be rocket scientists, and indeed it would be a very different world if we were, but every woman owes it to herself to be what they truly want and not have to bow to what society, or your mother-in-law, or anyone else, thinks you should be. I had a client recently a woman we will call Mari. She came to me in mid-life for a reading. I think initially she was simply curious as she had never consulted an astrologer before.

We exchanged pleasantries. I offered her tea and we settled down in a comfortable environment for her reading. I had never met her before and soon I was chatting about her motivations and how her nativity was suggesting a certain path. I shall break from the story here and tell you that this response is common.

That what we wanted to do as children or young people has been shelved in favour of a life that is an existence but pays the rent. Yes, I know providing a roof is important but to my mind having your dream come alive again is a most desirable state of affairs. Astrology can help you focus on what is truly important in your life and, to be honest, it could simply be continuing down your present path. But for many women it is a way to re-ignite ideas or passions that have been left to wither on the vine.

I urged her to consider changing what she was doing, not all at once as transformation can be daunting, but that she let the thoughts of following her long lost passion mull in her head for a while and give her ideas space to breathe. Two months later I met with Mari again and we discussed how things were going for her. She told me she had signed up for a class to refresh her desired activity and would be starting in the New Year. She also informed me that she has changed her attitude towards herself and her view of what she wanted her life to be. Although this was still a work in progress the small changes she had made had improved her overall perspective and brightened her outlook.

Consider getting your chart featured.

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What are you waiting for? This year my main plan to improve the presentation of astrology for your understanding and pleasure is a little different. I am working on the development of astro art or creative pages to help aspiring astrologers or anyone and everyone learn more about our art. In the astro art section so far you have posts on a binder cover page to colour and a wheel of fortune to make for yourself.

Creating an astrological journal supports the multiple input method of learning and is a good way to build a resource that you can use later. How to make an astrological journal to learn and understand and appreciate the little pieces like signs, planets and houses meanings that go to build a comprehensive chart reading. Teachers read aloud, or make you draw pictures, or glue a collage from dried macaroni, or do a play like astro drama to reinforce your knowledge. The variety or ways to learn is important because the information arrives in your memory through different channels.

This is why just reading books makes it harder to learn stuff.

You will get better at remembering the many things that you need to know to read a chart by writing and drawing in your astrological journal. There are a few points to consider and choices to be made for a journal that is good to use for astrological journaling. If you are going to invest your time and energy creating a beautiful astrological journal you might as well get a decent journal in the first place.

Who does that? You can think of this one as your on-the-go journal which is best to jot down ideas while you are out and about or at a conference or lecture. When you get home you can transfer the gems of knowledge to your main A5 journal. This process serves learning. Can you see through the pages in your journal? If you can it is too thin and too cheap. Get a better quality book.

You will have a title page which is usually the very first page in the main body and not the inside flap page which is thicker than normal. State your journal name. Open to the first double page. This will be a contents overview and here you can specify the deeper level of detail that you want. The choice is yours. For instance if you have 12 signs you may need 12 or 24 pages.

This depends on how large your journal is to start with. You will do a section title page for each main section in your contents page.

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Find groups in Toronto, Ontario about Astrology and meet people in your local community who share your interests. Welcome! Astrology is a beautiful field that offers something for everyone. This is a group that focuses primarily on astrology. In this meet-up, you will find local.

It is best to add a tab sticking out at the right for your main sections and perhaps your segments. You can do as much detail and depth as you wish. If you are just starting out with astrology I suggest the following sections, natal and forecasting and keep it simple. Going deeper means a page for each planet in sign and house and deeper still is nice-to-haves about astrology like eclipses or the oriental planet.

Many people have to do their daily work in a particular spot and it can be that you are not working if you are not at your desk. But the group who are self employed like new age practitioners and astrologers can work anywhere. The internet has made it possible for people who are independent to work wherever they are if there is a computer and an internet connection.

A good place for astrologers to work is the office in the home. When we lived in Oakville we had a house with a study near the front door. This was the perfect situation as at the time I was teaching classes four nights a week for six weeks after every equinox and solstice. During that period I did mainly teach face-to-face because I had the space. The room was decorated with astrology themed images and charts and I had a white board for teaching. This room was dedicated to astrology and there were no other things in it like household electricity bills or storage for the kids ice skates that so often creep into the spare room of a house.

The coffee shop is a new space for astrologers to work or at least it has been for me. Now living downtown in the city of Vancouver and meeting clients at lunch time and before work I have found the coffee shop to be an ideal space for research work and face-to-face client work.

But not all coffee shops are created equal. What I am looking for in a working space coffee shop is relative peace without too much clanging from the kitchen and high speed internet. I also need a spot with my back to the wall, as it is after all a public space, and you never know who will be there. But the downside is there in weak internet.

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I find this distracting. Waves Coffee House is the best choice for me. It is a most agreeable atmosphere and the barista Chris caught my name the first time I went in and has remembered it ever since.


A nice touch. For some client work I have to rent a room in the city. This is always the case when we do our annual Summer Astrology Workshops. We book the beautiful boardroom at the public library. This really good spot is clean and bright with reasonable internet.

We use this room for workshops of 15 to 20 attendees as there is a screen and a board table and good seating. My other option for when I have a few students in a class when I teach my beginner, intermediate and advanced astrology courses and the Aspiring Astrologer Master Classes is the meeting room. I like the one at Waves. It is a popular spot for general Meetups and get togethers. There is a glass door so you are still in the coffee shop but have some privacy. They have a white board so I can draw the charts on the board image above. This feature is crucial for teaching proper classes.

The Waves meeting room seats about ten but the most students I have had is five at one time. This is a good place on a warm summer Sunday afternoon. I can write and prepare my client work for appointments in the following week and it clears my head. There is no privacy but you get to see men playing chess, children playing and dogs being walked by their owners.

It is not good for computer work but rather for paper notebook and pen writing and note taking. This is really only on a Sunday but in fact I could go every day. Where I live there are three public parks with benches, fountains and play areas that are attractive and pleasant. I know my Aries friend Tamara does this in Ibiza, Spain. Doing client prep, consultations and other exciting astrology work at the coast sounds fun. Is it really work if you are sitting on the beach?

Maybe you have to be propping up the bar at the beach tavern, then is it work? You can practice astrology anywhere. I once read a chart on a plane from Toronto to Vancouver for the guy sitting next to me that I had met ten minutes earlier. He asked me what I did for a living as many men do. I told him I was in futures. He said he was too but I think he meant something else. When we landed we exchanged business cards and went our separate ways but he did sign up to my email list and has kept in touch over the years.

Your virtual office is where you are and you can do astrology work where you are. Always have your iPad and chart calculation capabilities in your bag. Have your business cards to hand and pass them on to interested folks who ask for them. This is the world we live in today. If you are an aspiring astrologer or even a full-blown astrologer for that matter, these five items you need to have in order to read charts effectively. You may be attracted to a different branch of astrology than the next astrologer, but the basics to need are the same.

I am going to share with you the five essential things every aspiring astrologer requires to read a chart. These items are distilled from many years of experience in my practice where I have cast and read charts for people. Although you can have tons more books and goodies that can help with the process, I have trimmed the list down to the five basic necessities that you require to read a chart. This is the best book you can have on your desk.

Back in the day before we all had a computer to cast charts you would need your ephemeris to calculate the chart in the first place. If you never refer to your ephemeris for charts and forecasting it makes a great spot for your cat to sleep. Where would we be without a professional astrology software program? Still casting charts by hand I suppose. You do need some way to draw charts quickly and correctly if you read charts for a living. I do use the powerful chart processing ability and its calculations for secondary progressions, solar arcs, solar returns, and transits.

These are for client work and the chart for right-here right-now to plan my day. You can get chart calculation apps for your iPhone like Astro Gold and this is wonderful for casting charts on-the-go. I use Astro Gold for pondering the charts of my clients as I always load their birth data into my phone, as well as Solar Fire, before the consultation so I can consider all the ideas I may have about their chart wherever I am in my day.

If you work differently and you should follow your path or work ahead of time as I do then, either way, you need powerful astrology software. You need the chart to do the interpretation. Usually, you will print the chart from your computer or draw it by hand. But just having a plain chart is no good and you have to make notes on it, highlight special planets, draw attention to grand trines or yods and the like. This extra jotting on the chart is best done in color.

You do this in color because after a time when you have looked at hundreds of charts they can easily blend into one in your mind. If you have each chart highlighted in color and the main features, planets, houses and major aspect patterns enhanced it is quicker to scan and immediately get up to speed on that particular chart. It is a way to streamline your readings and stop you ploughing through all the myriad of details that each chart contains.

By adding primary and secondary shades, as a component to clarity, you become more effective and just glancing at the wheel hues can become almost as a mandala when you contemplate many charts. You will always be learning new interpretations for charts. When you read astrology articles online, blogs or pieces in trade publications there is always something to learn.

You may not ever use these tidbits of information but then again you might. Points you find that may not make much sense today may be just what you are looking for in the next chart you read or maybe next year when you tackle another method that is new to you. I use mine when I planning my horoscopes for next year or other writing projects that I may be developing. As you sit at your desk for a few hours each day working on charts and chatting to people it is nice to have a soothing cup of herb tea at your elbow.

Personally, I enjoy green tea, jasmine tea and now and then a refreshing Earl Grey. Taking a beverage break lets you sit back, ease your shoulders that have become tense leaning in, drawing notes on your charts and making case notes for your charts. These are the five basics that should be on your desk.

There is room for many more reference books oh the books , but to cast a chart and read it you only need five things. Start with these items on your desk and develop your aspiring astrology chart reading skills as you immerse yourself in the magical world of astrology. How to Set Up and Run Your Prosperous Astrology Business is a guide for astrologers who want to start their business and move from amateur to professional status.

A professional astrologer will accept payment for a reading whereas an amateur astrologer does not. The difference is a little thing called money. This is where this book comes into play as it shows you how to organize your life, to make room for astrology and to include the creative process. How to know when to go professional — read your chart to find an auspicious time. Your professional improvement — and how to be aware and improve your astrology practice.

There are sections on platform building which is the most important mental shift that the budding astrologer can make and dealing with clients by creating boundaries between yourself and your client. There is information on setting fees and payment methods and tips on monitoring your own progress. Throughout the book there are several Aspiring Astrologer Activities and these are for your own personal pleasure. Get some business planning and micro-business basic ideas to help you navigate a smooth transition. Learn how to price your readings and services.

Explore your earning and wealth potential and your approach to money through your chart. Work on time management and and how to be aware of how long preparation takes to improve your astrology practice. Building your astrology practice takes a village and how to support others in the astrological community. Astrology student visits Alison from Hong Kong. You are living in a perfect time to learn astrology in the comfort of your own home. People just like you want to know some more about astrology and can now do so with a Skype astrology class with me.

If you are in Asia, Europe and Africa then you are in good company. Many people just want a simple class to get them on track. You can learn a little astrology or you can learn a lot. And for those who want to take astrology into their career and make a vocation out of it I have classes for you too. We had been together for Skype classes last year and she was making the trip to Victoria, Seattle and Vancouver. She travelled with a friend and enjoyed the glorious summer weather here in Vancouver. I was lucky enough to meet with her at the Vancouver Art Gallery cafe and enjoy a cup of jasmine tea.

It was great to chat with her in person and discuss the many ways that astrology has changed her life. Tapestry of aloes in Cape Town. We are all about astrology here on this site and, having said that, astrology does have a broader sense through which it can be appreciated. Some of you will appreciate that to accept astrological themes into your life can enhance your experience and understanding of the symbolic nature of the planets.

Herbs are a diverse group of plants which have much to offer the windowsill grower or the real sized garden plants person. Gardeners who plant formal herbs gardens typically segregate them into sections in line with their strengths.

Not all herbs are used for the same thing. There are basically four types of herb that you can grow in a herb garden and they usually grow in their own bed. The medicinal herbs are associated to the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Medicinal herbs are at the root of all medicines we know today. Examples of medicinal herbs are: Eyebright — for weepy eyes, mullein — used for bronchitis and the storax tree gum — used for coughs and cold remedies. The culinary herbs are related to the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Culinary means you can eat them so all the herbs that can be used in cooking and meal preparation are culinary herbs.

Examples of culinary herbs are: Bay leaves in babotie, parsley typically as garnish, rosemary best with roast chicken and mint for mint sauce to accompany lamb. Fragrant herbs are under the auspices of the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Fragrant herbs are use for their smell and are often used in perfume, room cleansers and soaps. Examples of fragrant herbs are: Jasmine, honeysuckle, lavender and rose all of which are the basis for the perfume industry.

Indigenous herbs are related to the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Indigenous herbs are those that naturally grow in an area and they can be home grown and they are different for each region. Examples of indigenous herbs are: for instance, in South Africa the aloe Vera, in central and South America the cactus and in Canada the sugar maple. For those of you who asked, the image for this post is a tapestry I crafted with my own fair hands, whilst living in Cape Town, back in the last century. When the Sun moves into Gemini spring is underway in the northern hemisphere.

I learnt astrology in the southern hemisphere and the astrology text books spoke about the fresh new season, springing forth and all the up-side of the warmer weather. This was because virtually all the books are written with a northern hemisphere slant mainly as the authors themselves live above the equator. It is only when you have worked with many southern charts that you can see the overwhelming deluge of information that leans the other way. The dates that New Moons occur for me out west in Vancouver, Canada are usually one day behind the day for those in New Zealand and Australia. Several times my super-easterly and super-southerly clients and friends have gently nudged me from the northern and western-centric habit I seem to have adopted of discussing astrology from my perspective only.

Considering this earlier today, I started to think about how we sometimes do make assumptions about people and their astrology signs, and that astrologers themselves have to be mindful of this as the habit can creep into consultations or client work as described above. Working in the new age industry does imply a need for more awareness of ourselves than in other businesses.

You find astrology on your own path and for everyone the road it is different because you each have your own chart this alone tells us that you will happen upon astrology in your own way. It is highly unlikely that your career guidance counselor at school suggested you became an astrologer. They will probably have informed you that you should have become a doctor or a lawyer or a civil engineer. Most people get into astrology by some form of side-stepping or as often is the case you stumble upon it one bright morn. The time will come when you consider taking a class. I want to share my early journey on the road to astrological understanding with you.

My interest in astrology was first piqued in a geography class at school when I was about fifteen. I could not believe how it described me and it all made so much sense. I was blown away. I discovered I liked reading about astrology. The fact that my Sun and ascendant sign is the same would have reinforced the popular horoscope predictions as is the nature of how they are written with each sign on the first house and the forecasts for the signs generated from there. But there it is. However, one day it was not enough. I wanted more information and I needed my questions answered.

Questions that deserved an answer. But there were no answers and I had to find out more. I sought out someone to whom I could ask these tricky questions and who could explain them and other things to me. Eventually I found an astrology teacher offering a two-year astrology course which started from scratch. The class was to start the following Tuesday evening at 7 pm.

It was exactly what I was looking for. The place was not near my home but at that time in Africa to find anyone to teach astrology was like finding a diamond in the rough. Beggars could not be choosers and I was a beggar for knowledge. Those were the days. I jumped into my trusty car and drove off into the night. I crossed over the top of Johannesburg along what is known as the concrete highway for obvious reasons.

I left home one hour before it was to start to make sure I was on time. Parking in the driveway I went in. I was excited and anxious at the same time. Grinding over my insecurities. Perhaps I would not like them? Perhaps they would not like me? Maybe I would be lost as the class conversation moved ahead? Maybe I would be floundering today? Imagine if the others knew it all already? I was twenty years old and the youngest one there.

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Mindfulness Energy Meditation - Scarborough 36 Yogis. Michael Palumbo. The Toronto Kirtan community. Jane Mallett Theatre. With an array of organic spices and sweetener, we drink this food of the Gods in cups of roughly 25 — 30 grams of Raw Cacao Paste together in an opening circle to set our intentions for the evening. I was working weekends and could not find a hiking group that met on the weekdays. Manage episode series

He was thin, wiry and wore his long white hair over his shoulders like a merlin. He began talking and we all put our heads down and started to take notes. He handed out some shiny photostats of a map of the world and other information sheets with complicated looking numbers. As I was at the back of the room I had the privilege of turning on the hot water urn for the tea halfway through. It was my job to signal him when the water had boiled and made his hot drink which I did with pleasure. The others crowded around and made their brew and stepped out into the garden to enjoy the break.

The sultry evenings were filled with the sounds of crickets and someone had the fly swat to kill the mosquitoes which plagued us in the summer months. Back again for the second half and more writing. Ok, I was scribbling now. Trying to keep up, hazarding a guess on how to spell some of the new words that would not roll easily off my tongue. I began to wonder if I would be able to decipher my scrawl when I got home. The classroom was a converted double garage with wall-to-wall bookshelves. Back then the teacher imported the astrology books from America and we could buy them from him.

In those days you could not find new age books available to the general public. There must have been thirty people in that first class. By the next week it had shrunk to about twenty-five people. At class number three I could get a seat at the back and things settled down. After two years of this there were only three of us left, myself and a married couple Marie and Arthur, of whom both I happened to know before I joined the class, serendipitous I call it.

I am still in touch with Marie via a mutual friend but sadly her husband left this Earth a few years ago. In retrospect my first astrology teacher was a fountain of knowledge. My initial tutor set standards in the knowledge that I rely on today. I hope you find a teacher to inspire you like I did.

That is your astrologer discussing your chart and maybe some specific issues you have previously highlighted for attention. In this episode we discuss:. Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcasts for you to enjoy right now. It's the best podcast app and works on Android, iPhone, and the web. Signup to sync subscriptions across devices.

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