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go here The energy shifts on December 1, when Mercury moves backwards from Sagittarius to Scorpio—an emotional water sign that finds you in deep exploration of your past, as well as your fears of the future and the unknown. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio wants you to wriggle free from the things that have paralyzed you emotionally, even if it might feel scary and frustrating to revisit things you thought you'd escaped.

Aries Money Luck Tomorrow

This is a hard journey, but Venus will enter Scorpio on December 2, which will certainly help—maybe even financially! Sweet Venus in sexy Scorpio will certainly give your intimate relationships a boost, but watch out for big egos on December 2, when the sun clashes with your ruling planet, Mars. Mercury ends its retrograde on December 6, finding you moving forward around many emotionally-complicated issues, and a fantastic journey begins for you on December 7, during the new moon in Sagittarius.

But the energy on December 7 will be tricky, so take it slow. Your ruling planet Mars will meet with Neptune, the planet of fantasy and delusions. This is not the time to binge watch movies about conspiracies, aliens, or the paranormal, as you run the risk of feeling paranoid as hell. The energy is ungrounded and emotionally-charged issues are being poked at, and you find yourself thinking the worst. These demons are an illusion, they are the shadows in your mind, and during this new moon, they appear to be something other than what they are.

Rather than allowing yourself to fall into these fantasies in a bad way, celebrate your imagination! The beginning of the month was not easy, but from this point on, December looks lovely! Sweet Venus and Saturn, the planet of responsibility, connect on December 16, a fantastic time to make arrangements after the confusion of Mercury retrograde.

Wellness does need attention, but you will likely let it go. Find time to tend to your health. Chiron…the wounded healer and a PowerPoint in a chart remains in your house of the future, spirituality and education. Honor this area of your life. Know where you carry some old wounds revolving around it. It could indicate that some extended learning is needed regarding something you want to reach in the future. It encourages sinking into your belief systems and exploring them. Think about what you fear that revolves around where you are going and why that fear is there.

Chiron promises power for the efforts invested in it. Expect to look into learning, spirituality, religion and your sense of spirit.. This is all old stuff.. The north node brings the future and it moves into your solar 4th house, Aries. This is the realm of home. Most of your efforts, whatever they may be and wherever they may reach are truly bringing the most significant of changes into your home life and what that means to you. If you have remodeling projects or are planning a move this is likely to be the year those plans really get set into motion.

Look for the links of how actions eventually filter back into this area of your life and take advantage of the opportunity to empower it in anyway you can.

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You are assertive and aggressive; courageous and competitive. Therefore, you express yourself with enthusiasm and eagerness, becoming a pioneer and initiator.

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To you life is a battle and you must win. Being first is all that matters, winning is everything to you. No matter what people say, you are brave rushing in where angels fear to tread.

You are either helpful or disruptive. Your striving motivates others.

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Then you become an instrument for change. You want something new to happen so you initiate change or you are bored and cause trouble.

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Today sees a positive turnaround for a lot of people – wherever you have Uranus and whatever Uranus has been doing for you these past seven years, you're. January 20 - February Pisces Compatibility. February 19 - March Aries Compatibility. March 21 - April 19 November 22 - December Capricorn.

In pursuing your pioneering and competitive spirit you find recognition and fulfilment. The point of your life is to be an initiator; be first; and be a pioneer. You express yourself in action, creating new experiences, enterprises, or pioneering new ways of doing things.

Compatibility of Sun Signs

If you do not, your energy and enthusiasm becomes disruptive and destructive. Assertion turns to anger and aggression. You fight and bicker with people.

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If you cannot be first you rebel and healthy competition turns to hostility and you behave recklessly and offensively. It is necessary that you get the opportunity to have adventure and excitement, ie.

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You are at your best when active. Developing patience; learning to channel yourself constructively and to think before you act is a necessity. Competitive sports provide a release for you. Your father is a strong figure in your life and you compete with him.

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The relationship with him will colour your present and future relationships with men. You are impatient with children. You need to learn to relate and be cooperative.