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If you were born in the year of the rat, your life has embodied the skills and qualities of the rat. You go in and out of long-term relationships but you are ambitious and nothing will stop you. Your best match is a fellow rat, or an equally stubborn ox or pig. You can make it work with those born in the year of the tiger, monkey, or dragon, but you will find your relationship experiences challenges with those born in the year of the rooster, goat, or snake.

If you were born in the year of the ox, you are a bit of a loner but you are also the slow and steady type.

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Anyone born in the year of the monkey, rat, or snake will light your fire. You may have challenges with a rabbit, rooster, or fellow ox, but you make it work. The year of the pig, dog, and dragon may seem impossible to you but you are committed to figuring it out together. Like any tiger, you are caring but aggressive and you go after what you want.

You prefer to mate for life too. You are great matches to anyone born in the year of the pig, horse, or dog, but you will find challenges with the snake, rat, and dragon. Fellow tigers are also a little too much even for you, but you may find a way to have peace in the kingdom if you work it out and take turns being the leader. If you are born in the year of the rabbit then you are just like all rabbits, cute, cuddly, impossible not to love. You may be a little shy but you find sparks fly with the goat, pig, or dragon.

Challenges in love compatibility begin to rise with the more wiley zodiac signs like the monkey, dog, rooster, or even your fellow rabbits. A tiger will make you feel like prey and is best avoided unless you find a way to make that work, and you and the rat will be in constant competition.

It could work if you are willing to work it, and let the rat win on occasion. Dragons are fearless and passionate and they have a big presence, as do you. And you want this energy in your romantic affairs.

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So the competitive animals like tiger, horse, and fellow dragons are really going to burn out your romantic fires. Thus you are most compatible with those born in the year of the snake, monkey, or rabbit. That side only comes out when it needs to. Overall you are pretty calm and just going with the flow, which makes you a great match for others like you, such as those born in the year of the ox, dragon, or rooster.

The rabbit is a great relationship but you will both have to work at it, and you will find frustrations with the pig, dog, or horse unless you both do your part.

You are one of the more affable Chinese zodiac signs, and as such you get along with almost everyone. You like your nice things but you are competitive and ambitious, but your sense of humour is a bigger play for you. You find sparks flying with the tiger, goat, and dog. Those born in the year of the dragon may be too showy for you, but you find a way.

The biggest challenges in love would come from an ox that likes life slower, a rat, or the monkey. And fellow horses may be too showy even for you. You want the spotlight. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes.

Ox and Monkey Love Compatibility Horoscope. Ox Male. Monkey Female. You are a lively pair. You have common eagerness for a successful career and wealth accumulating, but you don't have a consistent way to achieve it. Your opinions always differ, and you can't convince the other. The male ox is realistic, simple and cautious, and the female monkey is intelligent and good at communication, forward and even somewhat bohemian.

The female monkey often doesn't respect the male ox's decision, and even scoffs at his hard-earned achievement sometimes, which makes the male ox irritated and quick-tempered. The people born in the year of the Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, Horse and Ox like to intake good points of the Monkey to improve competitiveness. Besides, the people under the Rooster sign like to cooperate with the wise Monkey as well. However, the Monkey should never show off in front of the Tiger in competition, because the Tiger is easy to be enraged and make reprisals. Also, the Tiger should avoid dabbling with things of the Monkey for this may make them open to attack.

But in many cases, they could be a good pair and partner if both of them are tolerant.

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Chinese Horoscope Weekly Monthly Male Female. Get Personality. What's Your Lucky Number? Most Popular 1. Therefore, there are no problems in his family. Libra-Ox is a multi-faceted personality with a wealth of talents. There is no such work with which this man could not cope. His merits include: diligence, sharp mind, restraint. In any case, he manifests himself as a responsible and principled employee.

He prefers mental activity, is too proud to spend his energy on low-paid work. He will not rest until he attains the highest position, he will not take place as a professional. For ambitious Libra-Oxen prestige of work is of great importance. Due to their excellent interpersonal skills, they quickly find a common language with colleagues.

They are excellent leaders who can work with people.


They will not be able to work fully in an atmosphere of hostility and hatred. Any area of activity is suitable for Ox-Libra: legal, financial, analytical. Patient, executive, resourceful, therefore, are considered the best and indispensable employees. A calm Libra-Ox man causes trust, he can always be relied upon. Has the ability to give valuable advice, sharp mind, endurance, flexibility, practicality — qualities that allow making informed decisions. Excellent job with the work related to finance, analytical activities.

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It would seem that people of these professions behave rather reserved, not slopes to communicate. But the man of Libra, born in the year of the Ox, is quite an interesting, erudite man.

Female Ox in Love

The charming interlocutor easily finds a common language with women, but chooses a companion of life for a long time. With pleasure, he starts novels with bright beauties. He strives for home comfort, likes to eat deliciously, and therefore gives preference to calm, economic women. Charming Libra-Ox woman is surrounded by numerous relatives and friends. People are attracted by its softness, benevolent attitude. She knows how to defuse the tense situation, jokes a lot.